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WOTM Podcast: S3E7: Jessica Matthews

Aug 31, 2020

For Jessica Matthews, access to critical infrastructure is a human right, not a luxury. After she invented the Soccket, a soccer ball that produces renewable energy through play, she realized that it wasn’t addressing the global infrastructure problem in the communities she cared about.

Power lines on the big poles and a centralized massive power grid are the power infrastructure standards of yesterday that negatively affect low income communities around the world. They are susceptible to severe weather and cannot support renewable energy sources efficiently. Jessica did not want to sit on the sideline and wait for someone else to create a better solution, so she started Uncharted Power, a company dedicated to new energy infrastructure solutions that can take communities into the 21st century.

Harlem Tech Fund

Jessica founded her non-profit, the Harlem Tech Fund in 2016. Harlem was the perfect place to base Uncharted Power because of how its diversity and exposure. She wants to establish Harlem as the “Silicon Valley for the Underdogs,” and believes in nurturing talent from a young age and introducing them to the world of innovation. Additionally, she has established a STEM program called Uplift. The program has been conducted all over the world, using her company’s legacy product to teach kids how to invent with limited resources. These programs and funds are her way of giving back to the community that gave her so much.


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