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Our initiative that builds on our existing efforts to help the Black community chart stronger paths towards economic success and empowerment.






We are uniquely positioned to marshal our resources to help address some of the persistent challenges facing the Black community. Everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in economic growth. That's why we are providing more support for the Black community in pursuit of educational, career, business and personal financial success.

Structural barriers in the U.S. have created profound racial inequalities, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. The racial wealth gap puts a strain on families’ economic mobility and restricts the U.S. economy.

Building on our existing investments, we will harness our expertise in business, policy and philanthropy and commit $30 billion over the next five years to drive an inclusive recovery, support employees and break down barriers of systemic racism.



Expanding and Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Expand Women-Run Businesses

Expanding and Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

We are committed to supporting Black entrepreneurs in growing their businesses through access to business education, coaching and banking solutions.

Improving Financial Health in Black Communities

Improving Women’s Financial Health

Improving Financial Health in Black Communities

We aim to help the Black community achieve their dreams through wealth-building opportunities like financial health, homeownership and increased savings and investments.

Advancing Career Opportunities for Black Talent

Advancing womens career growth

Advancing Career Opportunities for Black Talent

Our goal is to increase access to well-paying career paths for Black students and professionals and support Black executives.


Sam Saperstein

"For far too long, Black communities have faced profound challenges and inequality due to systemic racial barriers. At JPMorgan Chase, we recognize our responsibility as one of the world’s largest banks to address these disparities and are harnessing our expertise in business, policy, data and philanthropy to empower Black communities around the world.

Through Advancing Black Pathways, we’re supporting Black individuals, households and entrepreneurs so they too can share fully in economic growth."


Byna Elliott, Head of Advancing Black Pathways




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