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WOTM Podcast: S3E5: Casey Halliley

Determined to make a difference in the world, Casey Halliley, founder of Wealthology is  on a mission to provide outstanding financial literacy training to students and young professionals and teach them how to accumulate wealth by starting as soon as possible. Casey’s passion for finance began when she got an internship in fixed income, which catapulted her from wanting to work in nonprofits to working on a trading floor. Eventually, Casey pivoted from the corporate world to entrepreneurship.

Mentoring Relationships through the Vinetta Project

The Vinetta Project is an organization dedicated to getting more female founders access to capital and mentorship, with a focus on high growth companies in the tech industry. Casey found success through the program by building a strong relationship with Elizbeth Ellsworth, head of marketing for J.P. Morgan’s innovation economy sector. Casey was able to draw on outside resources to help bring her vision to life and identify the areas she needed Elizabeth’s help with. Working with Elizabeth allowed Casey to discover new marketing strategies and hear a different perspective on her product. To be a successful mentor, Elizabeth suggests “being prepared, being proactive, being open, and not being afraid to push back”.

The Importance of Saving and Investing Early

For Casey, the most powerful lesson on  accumulating wealth is simple- start saving and investing early. It is important to understand how to manage your personal finances, so you can weather a crisis like COVID-19. “Start saving early so that when disruptive things like this happen, you have choices. And they will happen. In my short 20-year career, I have seen in 2001, we had 9/11 and Y2K, the 2008 mortgage crisis. There are disruptive things that happen every so often, and this probably won't be the last disruptive thing that happens in your career” says Casey. 

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