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Paying a Premium:
Dynamics of the Small Business Owner Health Insurance Market

Spending at healthcare services

Nonemployer small business owners who pay for their own health insurance epitomize two poorly understood features of the US economy: the small business sector and the individual health market. Nonemployer businesses are a large segment of the small business sector, and small business owners are especially likely to purchase health insurance on the individual market—4.4 million self-employed business owners purchased health insurance on this market in 2014. The economic experiences of these small business owners can inform both the well-being of the small business sector and the health of a substantial share of the individual health insurance market.

This brief focuses on the experiences of these small business owners purchasing health insurance for themselves or their families. We constructed a sample of over 30,000 firms who hold business banking deposit accounts with Chase to produce a monthly view of health insurance premium payments and other operating expenses from January 2014 to April 2017.

Read the Report  “Paying a Premium: Dynamics of the Small Business Owner Health Insurance Market”

Paying Out-of-Pocket: The Healthcare Spending of 2 Million US Families

Spending at healthcare services

The JPMorgan Chase Institute released a new research report that explores the levels, concentration, and growth of out-of-pocket healthcare spending and the implications for household financial health.

Read the Report  “Paying Out-of-Pocket: The Healthcare Spending of 2 Million US Families”



JPMorgan Chase Institute Livestream: Paying Out-of-Pocket Launch Event

Spending at healthcare services

Please join us for a replay of our launch event to hear more about our exciting new research, and what it uncovers about the trends in healthcare spending over time and across age, income, gender, and location.

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JPMorgan Chase Institute HOSP Geographic Data Visualization Tool

Spending at healthcare services

Healthcare spending varied widely in the US in 2016, both across and within states. Explore the JPMCI HOSP data asset at the state, metro area, and county level with our interactive data visualization tool.

View Data Visualization of the JPMCI HOSP



Spotlight: Profiles of Local Consumer Commerce

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