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Growth, Vitality, and Cash Flows

High-Frequency Evidence from 1 Million Small Businesses

Cover of the report 'Growth, Vitality, and Cash Flows'

The small business sector, comprised of businesses with fewer than 500 employees, is an important contributor to overall US economic growth. However, the heterogeneity of the sector can obfuscate the ways in which it actually does or does not contribute to economic growth, making it difficult to develop targeted policies to support these contributions.

In this report, the JPMorgan Chase Institute introduces a newly augmented small business data asset to empirically address questions of small business growth, vitality, and economic contribution. We built a sample of 1.3 million de-identified small businesses with Chase Business Banking accounts active between October 2012 and February 2018. The over 3.1 billion transactions we analyze from these businesses provide a novel view of daily revenues, expenses, and financing cash flows for individual small businesses. We use this data asset to develop a revised segmentation of the small business sector, and a new typology of cash flow patterns. These frameworks allow us to inform the contributions of different kinds of small businesses to the US economy, as well as offer new insights about the importance of cash flow management to small business outcomes.

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Filing Taxes Early, Getting Healthcare Late: Insights from 1.2 Million Households

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Leveraging data on 1.2 million tax refunds, we investigate variation in the timing of tax filing across socioeconomic and demographic groups, and variation in the impact of the tax refund on out-of-pocket healthcare spending.

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Healthcare When It’s Needed: How to Mitigate High Costs and Deferred Care

JPMorgan Chase Healthcare Conference Panel

This recap of an Institute-led panel discussion at the 36th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference showcases key takeaways from the discussion on how to reduce total healthcare costs and help consumers receive the care they need when they need it and not just when they have the cash to pay for it.

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JPMorgan Chase Institute HOSP Geographic Data Visualization Tool

The HOSP Geographic Data Visualization Tool

Healthcare spending varied widely in the US in 2016, both across and within states. Explore the JPMCI HOSP data asset at the state, metro area, and county level with our interactive data visualization tool.

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Spotlight: Profiles of Local Consumer Commerce

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