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Going the Distance: Big Data on Resident Access to Everyday Goods

Father and son riding the subway with groceries.

In recent years, local decision makers have become increasingly concerned with questions of resident access to amenities. Resident access to retail, specifically, varies across a city because individual neighborhoods may or may not include merchants that sell the goods and services that residents want and need. Moreover, the distance that residents must cover between where they live and where they shop varies across income groups and product types. Local decision makers that want a clearer view of resident access to retail need reliable data on where residents live, where they shop, and the typical distance between these locations.

In its new report, “Going the Distance: Big Data on Resident Access to Everyday Goods”, the JPMorgan Chase Institute used over 197 million transactions from over 1 million customers in Detroit and New York to measure the distance between residents and their chosen merchants, or “merchant distance”, for residents of both cities. Evaluation of merchant distances in the second quarter of each year in the 2013-2016 period revealed a nuanced view of resident access to retail that sheds light on the blind spots of prior approaches.

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