The first step of the purchase and invoice process is to complete your supplier registration. The recommended and more secure way to complete your registration is electronically through the JPMorgan Chase Global Supplier Portal that we have partnered with Apex Analytix to create. You will receive email notifications from, guiding you through the process and required documentation. Alternatively, if electronic registration is not available, we will work with you directly on the documentation required to complete your registration.

The SAP Business Network is our preferred method of transacting electronically with our suppliers. You should ask your JPMorgan Chase contact for a purchase order prior to delivering goods and/or services. Invoices should be submitted electronically against the associated purchase order. To further enhance the invoice and payment process, specifically for invoices not associated with a purchase order, the Supplier Central Digital Invoicing platform is available for select countries. Through this platform, you can submit invoices electronically for goods and/or services that have not been pre-approved with a purchase order.

Please ensure that you review the Purchasing and Invoicing Guidelines for more information and detailed guidance on purchase and invoice requirements. For questions related to the supplier registration process and/or for additional information about Apex Analytix, please email us at