We are Expanding our Pilot Expungement Clinics to Help People Start with Clean Slates

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Expungement and sealing is when someone who has a criminal record tries to achieve relief from their criminal record. And that can really enable someone who's looking for better jobs, maybe public service housing opportunities that are otherwise denied to them. Even a misdemeanor conviction can reduce someone's annual earnings by around 15%. Once someone has fulfilled their justice system obligations, they should be able to move on from that record. It should not have to follow them around for the rest of their life, if they're eligible to have a record sealed or expunged. One of our lawyers reached out to me one day, and he said, Hey, I've been reading about the Second Chance work. Do you think we could host some expungement clinics in our community branches, it was by all accounts an amazing success. And so now we're in the process of replicating that and scaling that to other communities.

We are expanding our pilot expungement clinics to help people start with clean slates.

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