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Advancing opportunity through evidence-based policy solutions.

Second Chance Agenda

One in three Americans have an arrest or conviction record, creating significant barriers to employment and economic opportunity for a substantial number of working-age adults. That’s why JPMorgan Chase has expanded its commitment to giving people with criminal backgrounds across the U.S. a Second Chance by supporting their reentry into the workforce, community and local economies.

This is part of the company’s efforts to create greater economic opportunity for more people by using its business resources and expertise – including data, research, talent and philanthropic investments – as well as through collaboration with policy, business and community leaders.

To drive change, the PolicyCenter will focus on helping people with arrest or conviction histories in the following ways:

Policy reforming rules


Reforming Hiring Rules

FDIC and Congress can modify restrictions on banks hiring people with records without increasing risk.

Chiba, Japan


Restoring Pell Grants

Restoring Pell Grant eligibility in prison will enhance public safety and benefit the economy.

Fair Chance hiring


Fair Chance Hiring

Federal and state fair chance hiring reforms allow criminal background checks later in the hiring process.

Clean Slate


Implementing "Clean Slate" Record Clearing

Automatic record clearing for eligible offenses can streamline the process and boost employment.

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Reforming Fines and Fees

Reform state and municipal laws to address debt-based driver’s license suspensions.



Promoting Entrepreneurship

Expanded federal, state entrepreneurship programs reduce recidivism and promote economic growth.

Heather Higginbottom

“We must change the way we do business and keep investing in the people and places that have not benefited from growth. I am optimistic that when we work together to fight racial inequity and rebuild our economy, all people will benefit.”

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