Mapping Freight: The Highly Concentrated Nature of Goods Trade in the U.S.
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Trading Places: Maximising London's Exports Potential (PDF)
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Munich: A globally fluent metropolitan economy (PDF)
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The Geography of Foreign Students in U.S. Higher Education: Origins and Destinations
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Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. Metro Areas – Provides a first-of-its kind analysis of where jobs in foreign-owned businesses are located and examines the role that foreign investment can play in helping to rebuild local economies. Read Report

Hong Kong: A Globally Fluent Metropolitan City (PDF) Read Report

Nations and the Wealth of Cities: A New Phase in Public Policy – Addresses how national governments can better support their globalizing cities and highlights that cities are vital engines of economic development and competitive advantage, using current UK city policy as a case study. (PDF) Read Report

Ten Traits of Globally Fluent Metro Areas: International Edition – Builds on the concepts of global fluency and provides metropolitan leaders the tools to better succeed in global markets. This paper applies the findings of the 10 traits to this broader set of non-U.S. cities and metropolitan areas. Read Report

Metro North America – Offers the first-ever analysis of production and trade among North America's metropolitan areas and identifies the continent's top metropolitan trading relationships. Read Report

Ten Traits of Globally Fluent Metro Areas – Introduces concepts of global fluency and provides metropolitan leaders the tools to better succeed in global markets. Read Report

Metro-to-Metro: The Goods Trade in Metropolitan America – For the first time, measures the goods that cities trade. Includes trade balance profiles of the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. Read Report

Metro Freight: The Global Goods Trade That Moves Metro – Frames a toolkit for public and private leaders that will help them work in tandem to craft a better freight and trading environment, highlighting the significance of trade to metropolitan economies. Read Report

Export Nation 2013 – Provides data to help metropolitan leaders understand their unique qualities and demonstrates the strong export performance that has led the U.S. toward economic recovery. Read Report

Global Metro Monitor 2012 – Economic growth data for the largest 300 metropolitan economies worldwide. Read Report

Metro Brazil – Economic growth data for Brazil's 13 largest metropolitan economies. Read Report

Global Gateways – International Aviation in Metropolitan America - First of its kind data on the flow of international passengers in and out of the largest US metropolitan areas. Read Report

Demand for H-1B Immigrant Workers – (07/18/12) Demand for H-1B Immigrant Workers. An analysis of the geography of H-1B visa requests by metropolitan area between 2001-2011 Read Report

Locating American Manufacturing – (05/09/12) Detailed manufacturing-related statistics by metropolitan area Read Report

Export Nation 2012 – (03/08/12) Detailed export-related statistics by metropolitan area and state Read Report