At work in New Orleans

JPMorganChase has been a part of New Orleans for more than 190 years. Our employees serve more than 460,000 local customers in over 30 branches across the region. We work with local community, government and business leaders across the region to increase economic opportunity. We support skills training and job creation, neighborhood revitalization, small business growth and expanded access to affordable housing and financial health resources for residents.

Since 2019, we’ve committed over $25 million to organizations to help grow opportunity, enhance financial readiness and help prepare New Orleanians for the jobs of tomorrow.


Achieving more together in Greater New Orleans

Data updated as of May 2024


philanthropic support over the last five years


consumer customers


business clients




veterans hired in Louisiana since 2014


to build community resilience by leveraging Louisiana’s coastal and urban water management challenges

Canal Barge Company

Keeping the economy of New Orleans flowing for five generations.