At work in Greater Chicago 

With over 14,000 employees in the Chicago area, we’re one of the largest employers in the city. We’re proud of our employees and business operations that contribute $4.9 billion in annual economic activity in Cook County alone, as well as stimulate more than 22,000 additional jobs across several local industries.

We’re committed to increasing economic opportunities for residents across the Chicago area. Since 2019, we’ve contributed over $95 million in philanthropic capital to more than 500 non-profits. Additionally, we’ve provided more than $31 million to help entrepreneurs start, run and grow their businesses. We are proud to invest in Chicago and help to drive inclusive, economic growth for all.


Achieving more together  in Greater Chicago

Data updated as of May 2024


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Dedicated to Growing Local Businesses

Joey Rossa started a suburban landscaping business as a teenager more than a decade ago. Since 2018, JPMorganChase has provided financing and strategic advice to help JMR Landscaping grow. Today, Rossa has more than 75 employees—and his company serves customers in three states.

Building Affordable Housing Downtown

The recent renovation of the historic Lawson House has created more than 400 new affordable apartments in Chicago’s Gold Coast. The project, by co-developers Holsten Management Corporation and Holsten Human Capital Development, NFP, was made possible through financing largely provided by JPMorganChase. 

Expanding Employment Opportunities

HIRE360 connects high school students and recent graduates to union-wage careers in over 30 skilled trades. JPMorgan Chase has provided $1.85 million in support for HIRE360 over the years, allowing the organization to enhance its mentorship programs and improve access to capital for women and minority entrepreneurs.

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As one of the city’s largest employers, we’re committed to helping our communities thrive and supporting economic growth. We’re proud to serve the people, business and neighborhoods that make this city great. Together, we’re creating a stronger, more inclusive economy for generations to come.

Anthony Maggiore

Chair of the Midwest Market Leadership Team