Which Student Opportunity is right for you?

Explore the differences between our programs and experiences to help you decide which one to pursue.

October 1, 2020

If you think you need a degree in finance to work with us, think again. Our programs, roles, business areas and range of clients cater to multiple interests, skills and backgrounds - creating opportunity for talent everywhere. With a variety of programs worldwide, you can choose your path from the classroom to JPMorgan Chase. Find out more below.

Student Programs

Who: Current high school/secondary school students

Timing: 1 day-2 weeks

Why it's great: Here's your opportunity to experience what your career could look like at JPMorgan Chase. Our school programs offer insights into career possibilities and inspire you to see what role might be right for you. Short, immersive career awareness experiences help provide a taste of what it's like to work with us.


Who: Graduating high school students, current high school and community college students in select locations

Timing: 1-4 years

Why it's great: Interested in getting a head start in your career while completing your studies? Consider an apprenticeship with JPMorgan Chase. Experience the best of both worlds by having the opportunity to work on projects that impact the firm, with time set aside to complete your course.

Early Insights (Pre-Internships)

Who: Undergraduates

Timing: 1 day-6 weeks during non-academic periods

Why it's great: Get a better idea of our many career opportunities with short but impactful experiences that immerse you into working at one of the top financial services firms in the world. Hone in on roles that best fit your skillsets and experiences. You'll learn about the industry and the important role we play in it, expand your network and meet people who will support you in your career journey. You'll also experience what our teams do and how our business operates to help you determine the area you'd like to pursue.


Who: Undergraduates. Some internships are also open to current high school and community college students in select locations.

Timing: 6-12 weeks

Why it's great: Make the most of your time off from your studies by gaining work experience at JPMorgan Chase. Our internship programs are designed to help you explore our firm and gain hands-on work experience before applying for one of our full-time roles. We also offer select Emerging Talent Program Internships that run throughout the year.

Full-Time Graduate Placements

Who: Undergraduate and graduate students ready for a full-time career

Timing: Full-time

Why it's great: You've completed your final year of undergraduate or post-graduate studies and are ready for your career to begin. Start your journey at a leading firm that wants to support your growth and development by offering opportunities that are impactful and innovative. You'll join global teams committed to your success and be part of a fast-paced work environment that's constantly challenging you to learn and develop.

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