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Across the U.S. and around the world, too many people lack the tools and resources to manage their daily financial lives, whether for unexpected emergencies or to plan for the future. Instead they rely on costly non-bank financial services, such as payday loans or check cashing outlets, resulting in billions spent in fees and interest each year. This destabilizes households and has a negative impact on entire economies. We are committed to supporting efforts to address this global problem.

Our Approach Will Tackle These Challenges in Three Ways:

Our International Approach

New organizations around the world are leveraging technology to drive innovation that will more rapidly build a financially-inclusive world. We want to help the field better understand these business models and technologies to improve existing programs, spark additional innovation and serve the needs of global low-income consumers. So we are working with the Catalyst Fund to provide funding and mentorship to early stage financial inclusion social entrepreneurs in emerging markets that offer breakthrough technology innovations to promote financial health globally.

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