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This quarterly Corporate Responsibility newsletter highlights the ways JPMorgan Chase is using its expertise, data, resources and scale to open new pathways to economic opportunity and drive inclusive growth in communities around the globe.


JPMorgan Chase recently announced a $20 billion, five-year comprehensive investment to help its employees, and support job and economic growth in the United States. The firm has always believed that the highest and best use of its capital is to support employees and local communities and businesses by doing what a bank is supposed to do: lending and investing.

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Building on the success of Detroit’s Entrepreneurs of Color Fund, JPMorgan Chase will expand the model and create two new funds to help minority entrepreneurs in San Francisco and the South Bronx. The firm is committing more than $5 million across the two cities to provide minority entrepreneurs with critical access to capital, while also recruiting additional investors to the new funds.

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$1 Million to Empower Women of Color in Tech

The firm announced an investment of $1 million to support two new programs for high-growth startups founded by women of color: iNTENT Manifesto and digitalundivided.

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PRO Neighborhoods Competition Launched

JPMorgan Chase’s fifth PRO Neighborhoods CDFI Collaborative competition has launched, aimed at promoting inclusive growth through collaboration.

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Healthcare When It’s Needed

A new report put out by the JPMorgan Chase Institute highlights the powerful role that cash flow dynamics play in determining when consumers get healthcare. The report focuses on one of the most important cash flow events of the year—tax refunds.

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Chicago Neigborhoods

FinLab Launches Fourth Annual $3 Million Competition

The Financial Solutions Lab launched its fourth annual $3 million challenge to identify diverse fintech innovators and products that are designed to meet the financial needs of often overlooked populations.

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How Education Can Meet the Needs of the Workplace

From the United States to South Africa, how increased access to education and skills training translates into employment that drives local and global economic growth.

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Keeping Houston Strong

The firm provided $30 million in immediate economic relief and is working with customers on $1.2 billion in loans and mortgages to help with the continued fallout following Hurricane Harvey and its impact on Houston.

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