Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

JPMC has implemented a category management approach to sourcing and procurement. This means that our Sourcing teams are aligned to discrete groups of similar or related products and services. It is possible that the products you offer span across multiple Sourcing Categories at JPMorgan.

That is not recommended. Once you have developed a relationship with your respective Sourcing Category team, you should work with them to explore additional opportunities at JPMorgan. The Sourcing professional would be aware of demand for your products or services throughout the entire organization.

Bidding opportunities and supplier requirements are based on category or project. A member of our sourcing team will contact you directly if you are being considered for an opportunity in your category.

No, we do business with companies of all sizes. We actively buy from small businesses as well as large. What we look for in each category is innovation and value.

Supplier Diversity Questions

The firm is committed to promoting the economic growth and development of diverse suppliers. Senior management’s commitment, policies, procedures, strategies, and results demonstrate that supplier diversity is part of our DNA. We are proactive in our outreach to diverse businesses, connecting them with internal and external decision-makers. Our efforts help to build a strong and vibrant diverse supplier pipeline that creates mutually beneficial business relationships and increases shareholder value.

A diverse business is one which is certified by a JPMorgan Chase-designated third-party (see Certification agencies) as having met the definition of being at least 51% owned, controlled AND operated by one or more members of a diverse group: minority, women, Veteran, Service disabled Veteran, Disabled and LGBT. Certification is the means by which suppliers are validated to be a diverse business as defined above. This enables JPMorgan Chase to verify the diversity of its suppliers. Only certified businesses can register for the JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network.

If a supplier does not satisfy the certification requirements set forth by the national certifying bodies, but it meets one of the following criteria, the supplier will be considered, on a case-by-case basis, for registration in the Supplier Diversity Network in industries or for business models where few or no diverse businesses with significant scale exist. Our ultimate goal, however, will be to assist the company in becoming a certified entity. Registration will be contingent upon the desire of the company to seek and obtain certification within a limited period of time. A "diverse-led" company, for example, may be defined as follows:

  • The company is partially owned (at least 30%) and fully controlled and operated by one or more U.S. citizens from the designated diversity groups
  • The company is publicly traded, but the largest shareholder trading block is comprised of one or more U.S. citizens from the designated diversity groups

Registrants of the SDN are part of a supplier database that is made available to procurement decision-makers. The Network also provides diverse suppliers with access to customized, commodity-specific in-house matchmakers/trade shows (both physical and virtual), information sessions on procurement strategies, networking receptions with buyers and prime suppliers, business management seminars and workshops and referrals to financial services.

The Global Supplier Diversity team works with sourcing (procurement) decision-makers throughout the firm to aggregate demand opportunities/pipelines. We investigate the minimum criteria required of a supplier for an engagement and attempt to identify those suppliers that meet most or all of the criteria. Please note that acceptance into the SDN does NOT equate to any other JPMorgan Chase supplier status, such as “Preferred.” It does NOT guarantee that you will receive a contract or purchase order from JPMC.

We use the contact information in the SDN database as the source for electronic disbursement of a Request for Preliminary Information (RFPI) or a telephone interview, at which time suppliers are asked to define their capabilities as they relate specifically to the minimum engagement criteria. Criteria will vary by industry and will be limited to a few measurable, objective parameters. The RFPI is NOT intended to serve as a full Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP). Our goal is to offer suppliers real procurement opportunities as they arise. However, nothing should take the place of independent sales and marketing efforts to make direct contact with internal decision makers. We encourage suppliers to pursue independent internal relationship-building beyond the SDN, as with any good sales and marketing approach.

We will maintain a company's profile in our database for as long as its certification remains current. We recommend that suppliers update their company profile a minimum of once each calendar year. Updates to contact information, including e-mail addresses, must be made immediately to ensure invitations for events, RFPs, etc.

Yes. We ask and recommend that our largest non-diverse suppliers support this effort by either seeking out direct sub-contracting opportunities with diverse suppliers or to improve their own supplier diversity initiatives in doing business with JPMorgan Chase. “The spend” with diverse suppliers is monitored though our Tier 2 Supplier Program.

To find out more about this program, click here.

In order to participate in the SDN, a supplier must be certified by one of the JPMorgan Chase recognized certification agencies (see Certification agencies). We do not accept self-certification.