Global Supplier Diversity

JPMorgan Chase has been fully committed to Supplier Diversity for over 20 years, including establishing positive relationships with other companies and organizations that are as equally committed and devoted. We have created a Supplier Diversity Network (SDN) through which certified Minority-, Woman-, Veteran-, Service-Disabled Veteran-, Disability-, LGBT-Owned businesses register with the firm’s system and become preferred resources that are encouraged to compete for contracting opportunities as they arise.

SDN businesses are required to be diligent in maintaining current and accurate information in the system. This engagement ensures maximum consideration for appropriate opportunities.

Register or learn more about the firm’s Global Supplier Diversity program using the tabs below. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or email for more information.

The JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network offers many benefits to certified diverse businesses.

These include:

  • Priority consideration for procurement opportunities, both First- and Second-Tier contracting opportunities
  • Preferred consideration for exclusive JPMorgan Chase events
  • ‘Real-time’ access to registered profiles for procurement personnel.
  • Strategic advice to improve preparation for current and/or future bid opportunities
  • Advice and insights on financing growing business needs
  • Workshops designed to sharpen business and personal finance skills

Upon completion of your application, a decision will be made regarding your profile. If your application is accepted, your company's information will be added to the JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network (SDN) database, which is accessible to JPMorgan Chase procurement decision-makers. While acceptance into the SDN does NOT designate a preferred supplier status or contractual agreement, it DOES provide greater visibility for upcoming opportunities. Ultimately, it is up to participating businesses to introduce its products and services to the firm.

To register with the SDN, click the link below to complete an online application.

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To successfully complete the JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network application process, your company must be certified as a diverse supplier.

JPMorgan Chase partners with organizations that provide third-party public and private sector certifications. Some of the organizations listed below are approved to provide certifications, while others partner with advocacy groups to provide a full set of member services. Certifications from other similar organizations may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, but restrictions may apply.

JPMorgan Chase accepts certification from the organizations listed below, or their affiliates, throughout the United States:

*We offer links to non-JPMorgan Chase Web sites for convenience. We do not sponsor these sites, nor are we responsible for information that appears on them.

The JPMorgan Chase Global Supplier Diversity team hosts customized ‘in person’ and digital events for diverse businesses; these include match-making events, trade shows and expos, information sessions on procurement strategies, networking receptions with buyers and prime suppliers, business management improvement seminars, workshops and referrals to financial services. Please visit our partner organizations’ websites (included: events calendar) and the firm’s Global Supplier Diversity digital home.

Highlights of our Global Supplier Diversity Program

  • Celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the Supplier Diversity Program in 2016
  • Over the past ten years, spent over $11.7 billion dollars with diverse suppliers
  • In 2015 alone, US spend in the US includes:
  • - $673 million dollars with Minority Owned businesses
    - $434 million dollars with Women-Owned businesses
    - $44 million dollars with LGBT-Owned Businesses
    - $106 million dollars with Veteran and Disable Veteran-Owned businesses

Awards and Recognition

  • The National Business Inclusion Consortium (NBIC) selected JPMorgan Chase as “2016 Best-of-the-Best” – Corporation of the Year (bested top 30 corporations nominated)
  • The National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) selected JPMorgan Chase as one of the 2015 Military Friendly Supplier Diversity Programs
  • Black Enterprise magazine named the bank to its Top 35 Companies for 2015 Supplier Diversity list. It singled out the firm, saying it "demonstrated best practices through [its] diverse representation within [its] supply chain”
  • Minority Business News magazine (MBN USA) recognized JPMorgan Chase among the 2015 & 2016 Corporate 101: America's Most Admired Corporations for Supplier Diversity
  • USBN Magazine named JPMorgan Chase one of their 2015 “Top Companies for Supplier Diversity”
  • The National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) and Vetrepreneur magazine named JPMorgan Chase among the top 10 corporations for using veteran-owned businesses for the 3rd year in a row (2014-2016)
  • WEUSA Magazine named JPMorgan Chase, Jaime Dimon CEO, and the firm’s Global Supplier Diversity program to its 2016 Top 100 Corporations list.

JPMorgan Chase’s customized in-house match-making events and trade shows:

  • Provide interested diverse suppliers with an overview of working with then firm, and access to multiple product and service groups
  • Facilitate procurement-led interviews with ‘high-potential suppliers’
  • Have led to successful contracts and/or relationships for future business development

These events are customized to the specific upcoming needs of the firm; they connect buyers and prime suppliers with diverse suppliers for sourcing opportunities. Events take place in local/regional markets, in close proximity to related decision-makers.

Q: What are the benefits of the JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network (SDN)?

Registrants of the SDN are part of a supplier database that is available to the firm’s procurement decision-makers 24/7. Companies in the SDN have been pre-vetted and have the earlier opportunity to bid than others. The Network also provides diverse suppliers with access to customized, commodity-specific in-house matchmaking/trade shows (both in person and virtual), information sessions on procurement strategies, networking receptions with buyers and prime suppliers, business management seminars, workshops and referrals to financial services.

Q: What is the definition of a diverse business and what does certification do?

A diverse business is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by members of the following groups: African-American, Asian-American, Disabled, Latino-American, LGBT, Service-Disabled, Veterans, and Women. JPMorgan Chase partners with third-party certification organizations that verify the status of diverse supplier businesses (see Certification agencies). ONLY certified businesses can register for the SDN. Certified diverse-owned businesses can apply for participation in the JPMorgan Chase Supplier Registration Portal.

Certification is the means by which suppliers are validated to be a diverse business as defined above. This enables JPMorgan Chase to verify the diversity of its suppliers.

Q: What if my firm doesn't meet the 51% threshold for ownership, control and operation but feel the company may qualify as a "diverse-led" company?

If a supplier does not satisfy the certification requirements set forth by the national certifying bodies, but it meets one of the following criteria, the supplier will be considered, on a case-by-case basis, for registration in the SDN in industries or for business models where few or no diverse businesses with significant scale exist. Our ultimate goal, however, will be to assist the company in becoming a certified entity. Registration will be contingent upon the desire of the company to seek and obtain certification within a limited period of time. A "diverse-led" company, for example, may be defined as follows:

  • The company is partially owned (at least 30%) and fully controlled and operated by one or more U.S. citizens from the designated diversity groups
  • The company is publicly traded, but the largest shareholder trading block is comprised of one or more U.S. citizens from the designated diversity groups.

Q: How long and in what form does the SDN approval process take place?

After your application has been submitted, it will be validated by a third-party service provider according to the JPMorgan Chase SDN certification requirements. During this time you will be contacted if your application is rejected or if more information is required. The timeline for approval varies with each application. After your application has been completed and is in compliance with the firm’s SDN certification requirements, it will be forwarded to Global Supplier Diversity staff for final approval. If approved, your information will be added to the SDN database and you will receive a confirmation letter.

Q: How can I participate in the bidding process once I am registered in the Network?

The Global Supplier Diversity team works with sourcing (procurement) decision-makers throughout the firm to aggregate demand opportunities/pipelines. We investigate the minimum criteria required of a supplier for an engagement and attempt to identify those suppliers that meet most or all of the criteria. Please note that acceptance into the SDN does NOT equate to any other JPMorgan Chase supplier status, such as “Preferred.” It does NOT guarantee that you will receive a contract or purchase order from JPMC.

Q: How is my profile used to help connect my business and upcoming opportunities?

We use the contact information in the SDN database as the source for electronic disbursement of a Request for Preliminary Information (RFPI) or a telephone interview, at which time suppliers are asked to define their capabilities as they relate specifically to the minimum engagement criteria. Criteria will vary by industry and will be limited to a few measurable, objective parameters. The RFPI is NOT intended to serve as a full Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP). Our goal is to offer suppliers real procurement opportunities as they arise. However, nothing should take the place of independent sales and marketing efforts to make direct contact with internal decision makers. We encourage suppliers to pursue independent internal relationship-building beyond the SDN, as with any good sales and marketing approach.

Q: How long will my company's profile be active in the JPMorgan Chase database?

We will maintain a company's profile in our database for as long as its certification remains current. We recommend that suppliers update their company profile a minimum of once each calendar year. Updates to contact information, including e-mail addresses, must be made immediately to ensure invitations for events, RFPs, etc.

Q: Why does JPMorgan Chase have a Global Supplier Diversity program?

The firm is committed to promoting diverse suppliers’ economic growth and development. Senior management’s commitment, policies, procedures, strategies, and results demonstrate that supplier diversity is part of our DNA. We are proactive in our outreach to diverse businesses, connecting them with internal and external decision-makers. Our efforts help to build a strong and vibrant diverse supplier pipeline that creates mutually beneficial business relationships and increases shareholder value.

Q: Does JPMorgan Chase require our non-diverse suppliers to support this effort?

Yes. We ask and recommend that our largest non-diverse suppliers support this effort by either seeking out direct sub-contracting opportunities with diverse suppliers or to improve their own supplier diversity initiatives in doing business with JPMorgan Chase. “The spend” with diverse suppliers is monitored though our Supplier Diversity 2nd Tier initiative.

For more information contact: Global Supplier Diversity,

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