Global Supplier Diversity

JPMorgan Chase has been fully committed to Supplier Diversity for over 20 years, including establishing positive relationships with other companies and organizations that are equally dedicated. We have created a Supplier Diversity Network (SDN) through which certified Minority-, Woman-, Veteran-, Service-Disabled Veteran-, Disability-, LGBT-Owned businesses register with the firm. This network is the preferred resource used to select diverse suppliers to compete for contracting opportunities.

Businesses registered in the SDN are required to be diligent in maintaining current and accurate information in the system. This engagement ensures maximum consideration for appropriate opportunities.

Register or learn more about the firm’s Global Supplier Diversity program using the tabs below. Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or email for more information.

The JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network offers many benefits to certified diverse businesses.

These include:

  • Priority consideration for procurement opportunities, both First- and Second-Tier contracting opportunities
  • Preferred consideration for exclusive JPMorgan Chase events
  • ‘Real-time’ access to registered profiles for procurement personnel.
  • Strategic advice to improve preparation for current and/or future bid opportunities
  • Advice and insights on financing growing business needs
  • Workshops designed to sharpen business and personal finance skills

Upon completion of your application, a decision will be made regarding your profile. If your application is accepted, your company's information will be added to the JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network (SDN) database, which is accessible to JPMorgan Chase procurement decision-makers. While acceptance into the SDN does NOT designate a preferred supplier status or contractual agreement, it DOES provide greater visibility for upcoming opportunities. Ultimately, it is up to participating businesses to introduce its products and services to the firm.

To register with the SDN, click the link below to complete an online application.

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To successfully complete the JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity Network application process, your company must be certified as a diverse supplier.

JPMorgan Chase partners with organizations that provide third-party public and private sector certifications. Some of the organizations listed below are approved to provide certifications, while others partner with advocacy groups to provide a full set of member services. Certifications from other similar organizations may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, but restrictions may apply.

JPMorgan Chase accepts certification from the organizations listed below, or their affiliates, throughout the United States:

*We offer links to non-JPMorgan Chase Web sites for convenience. We do not sponsor these sites, nor are we responsible for information that appears on them.

The JPMorgan Chase Global Supplier Diversity team hosts customized ‘in person’ and digital events for diverse businesses; these include match-making events, trade shows and expos, information sessions on procurement strategies, networking receptions with buyers and prime suppliers, business management improvement seminars and workshops.

JPMorgan Chase’s customized in-house match-making events and trade shows:

  • Provide interested diverse suppliers with an overview of working with the firm, and access to multiple product and service groups

These events are customized to the specific upcoming needs of the firm; they connect buyers and prime suppliers with diverse suppliers for sourcing opportunities. Events take place in local/regional markets.

JPMorgan Chase seeks to amplify the positive impact of supplier diversity by asking our suppliers (companies that sell directly to our firm) to also do business with diverse companies.

Our firm tracks the dollars our suppliers spend with diverse businesses. We refer to this as Tier 2 Spend.

Tier 2 Spend dollars can be measured in two ways: Direct and Indirect. JPMorgan Chase accepts both.

Direct Spend
When suppliers engage diverse businesses directly on JP Morgan Chase contracts and report the amount paid to diverse suppliers, we consider this Direct Spend. Each 2nd tier dollar can be traced back to a specific diverse supplier and to a specific project.

Indirect Spend
Indirect Spend is calculated by prorating the supplier's company-wide diverse spend with the percentage of its total business represented by JP Morgan Chase’s business. (For example, if the supplier spends $100 million annually with diverse suppliers and a JPMorgan Chase represents 1% of its total business, the 2nd tier spend would be $1 million ($100 million x 1%).

We have a dedicated reporting system to enable our suppliers to report their diverse spend on a quarterly basis. There is a 45-day submission period for each report. For example, the first quarter’s report includes spend from January – March. The reporting period for Q1 is April 1st – May 15th.

If you are a current Tier 2 Spend-reporting supplier and would like to access the JPMorgan Chase Tier 2 Reporting portal please click here.

If you would like to contact us with specific issues, please email Supplier Diversity: