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Make Momentum Happen

At JPMorganChase, the investments we make help make businesses happen, that make jobs happen, that make communities happen. Together, we make momentum happen.

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The Waiting Workforce

Millions of Americans with criminal records face barriers to meaningful employment. This ‘waiting workforce’ presents a missed economic opportunity. Learn more about how common sense legislation could help reduce barriers to employment.

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What Detroit Teaches Us About Creating Opportunity

For 90 years, JPMorganChase has helped make lasting impact for Detroiters. See how in a video featuring local Detroit poet Joel Greene.

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Small Business Makes the ‘Great Outdoors’ More Accessible

An entrepreneur takes her accessible outdoor terrain mats and, with support from JPMorganChase, empowers people in wheelchairs with the freedom to experience the beach independently.

Going local, worldwide

JPMorganChase is undertaking long-term and coordinated efforts to expand access to opportunity for more people. This includes using our business, data and expertise to support our employees and communities around the world.

Achieving more together

We're working with our clients, customers and communities to build a stronger, more inclusive economy.


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Racial Equity Commitment


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Sustainable Development Target


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Creating more second chances

We’re committed to giving a second chance to Americans with criminal backgrounds by supporting their reentry into the workforce, community and local economy.

Read our latest ESG Report

ESG considerations are integrated into the policies and principles that govern our business and reflect our commitment to sustainable growth.