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Educational courses

Advancing Black Entrepreneurs by Chase for Business is partnering with Black Enterprise, the National Urban League, the U.S. Black Chambers, the National Minority Supplier Development Council, and the Boss Network to help Black-owned businesses grow and scale.

Together, we’ve created an educational program specifically for Black business owners on topics that are vital to business growth and sustainability. These 90-minute guided sessions are focused on how business owners can address immediate and long-term financial needs and build resiliency.


Session six: Windows of Opportunity

How to discover capital and networking opportunities

In this 90-minute guided digital session, you'll learn how to:

Define supplier diversity and apply those findings to your business

Standout during the procurement stage and navigate the challenges of government contracting

Access corporate supplier diversity programs for future partnerships

Plan for certification and use it to your advantage

Nurture your relationships with government organizations and corporate businesses

Session five: Marketing in a Digital World

How to get noticed and build community online

This 90 – minute guided digital session will cover the following topics:

Position your business to stand out in a saturated marketplace

Integrate effective strategies for targeting your core audience

Maximize your digital reach across your website, mobile apps, social media 

Plan, measure and optimize the impact of your digital marketing

Session four: Your Next-Level Business

How to build a foundation that lasts

In this 90-minute guided digital session, you'll learn how to:

Think like an entrepreneur to help you find new opportunities and think bigger about what’s possible

Establish a foundation for sustainable business growth

Develop agility and resilience to help your business navigate challenges

Put people first to help you be a better leader for your business

Session three: Navigating Your Cash Flow

How to use cash flow to maximize your business’s success

In this 90-minute guided digital session, you'll learn how to:

Visualize a year of cash inflows and outflows to identify opportunities for improvement

Analyze your inventory and vendor relationships to decrease unnecessary expenses

Communicate with customers to effectively collect payments and broaden your base

Navigate slow times in your sales cycle throughout the year

Session two: The Power of Capital

How to fuel the growth of your business

In this 90-minute guided digital session, you'll learn how to:

Understand the different capital options for your business

Find what financial data is important 

Recognize your credit options

Confirm when your business needs to borrow

Session one: Reclaim the future

How your business can rise to the challenges of COVID-19

In this 90-minute guided digital session, you'll learn how to:

Make effective bookkeeping
a top priority

Pivot your business model in
this new economic environment

Help your customers feel
confident and safe

Develop contingency plans
for the future

Meet our partners

Together, we’re working to provide eligible businesses with access to advice and resources to help you succeed for the long term.


Each session, offered at no cost, will be led by experts from our partner organizations, which collectively have served the Black community for more than 50 years. 

Chase for Business recognizes that the success and growth of Black-owned businesses isn’t just important for Black communities — it’s important for our entire country.

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