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Our Office of Disability Inclusion leads strategy and initiatives aimed at advancing careers while helping the firm aspire to be a bank of choice for people with disabilities. Our focus areas include driving workplace inclusion, financial health, community relationships, and business growth for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Office of Disability Inclusion

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Proven Value: Autism at Work

It takes education and awareness to incorporate neurodivergent employees into the corporate culture, but the payoff is invaluable

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Expanding Economic Opportunity and Mobility for People with Disabilities

New JPMorgan Chase PolicyCenter brief recommends asset and income restriction reforms.

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Making Every Day Count: Mason's Story

After a rare genetic disorder sidelined Mason Owings as a teenager, he had to fight his way back. Now, years later, he's working in his first full-time job with JPMorgan Chase.

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How Employers Can Help Remove Barriers to Mental Healthcare

Lilly Wyttenbach, Head of Global Wellness at JPMorgan Chase, discusses the important role employers can play in the changing landscape of mental healthcare.

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Achieving more together

Through our philanthropic commitments and initiatives, we’re helping to support the success and advancement of people with disabilities and their communities. 


Breaking barriers

Since 2017 we’ve invested over $14 million in programs that give individuals with disabilities the tools and resources they need to lead independent lives.


Investing in students and workforce readiness

We are investing more than $8 million to give students with disabilities the resources and supports they need to thrive during college or workforce readiness programs.


Addressing the disability wealth gap

Since 2023 we’ve delivered financial literacy training and business coaching to over 1600 consumers, students and entrepreneurs with disabilities.


We want talented colleagues with disabilities to grow and thrive here. JPMorganChase has a responsibility to make the workplace the best it can be for people of all abilities – which, in turn, helps us best serve our clients, customers and communities.

Bryan Gill

Global Head of the Office of Disability Inclusion

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We want to help empower people with disabilities to grow their careers, develop job skills, join or reenter the workforce and gain expanded access to well-paying careers.