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Financial insecurity impacts more than just our customers. Financially healthy households promote more resilient and inclusive communities and economies. That is why we apply technology, behavioral science, and design strategy to support innovative technology-based solutions to promote financial health. At the center of our commitment to improving financial health is the Financial Solutions Lab, a $30 million, five-year initiative managed by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) that supports promising innovations that can help Americans increase savings, improve credit, and build assets. This year as part of their fourth competition, the Financial Solutions Lab is seeking Fintech innovations that empower underserved populations to improve their financial health.

The Winners of the Fourth Financial Solutions Lab Challenge

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  • Alice

    Is an employer-distributed benefit that allows employees to automate pre-tax spending on things like commuting, childcare, and healthcare; paychecks go up and paperwork goes away.


    Is student debt repayment, round up and refi made easy. exists to crush student debt via innovative technology, partnerships and data-driven solutions that empower the user to go beyond debt, into wellness and ultimately wealth.

  • Goalsetter

    Is a goal-based savings and gifting platform that lets kids and families redirect money typically spent on excess consumer goods towards saving for the future, sharing with others and spending on things or experiences that matter most to them.

  • Resolve, Inc.

    Is a free platform designed to guide financially distressed people back to financial health by creating a custom debt relief plan and connecting them with an integrated network of affordable debt relief partners.

  • Mason Finance Inc.

    Offers the first online financial services platform exclusively serving older Americans. Its launch product enables people aged 65 and older to sell their life insurance before they surrender or lapse their policies.

  • Petal

    Pioneers cash flow underwriting to expand credit access for new-to-credit consumers and offer a safe, affordable, no-fee credit card that doesn’t require a credit score.

  • Sixup

    Provides high-achieving, low-income college students (a.k.a. Future-Prime™) with responsible, affordable gap loans and digital wrap-around support to de-risk and promote positive outcomes for upward mobility.

  • WinWinSave

    Helps young Americans save by providing fun, daily motivation. Users link their bank accounts, set up auto deposits into an FDIC-insured savings account and play a game once a day with chances to win instant cash prizes. The more they save, the bigger the prizes grow.

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Our Partners

As one of the country's leading nonprofits promoting the financial health of Americans, the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) manages the Lab in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase and their advisory council, ideas42 and serves as strategic advisors, and are instrumental partners in the Lab's design, implementation and capacity to yield sustainable, scalable solutions.

Why Are We Working With These Groups?


of African-American and Latino households lack the savings to recover from a traumatic financial event1.


of families 65 and older experienced significant volatility in their expenses while on fixed incomes2.


Women own, on average, a mere 32 cents for every $1 that men own3.

2 times

Working-age people with disabilities are more than twice as likely to be living in poverty as those without disabilities4.

Insights & Stories

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