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The Service Corps

The Service Corps is a three-week, skills-based volunteer program that engages our top-performing employees from around the world who share their expertise to help our nonprofit partners expand their impact on the community.

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  • “I was surprised and pleased at how transferable our skill set really is outside of our normal working environment. Our general business skills really made a difference in broader society.”

    Lisa S., Johannesburg Service Corps 2016
  • “The Service Corps programs positively change companies and people's lives. They serve a true purpose in building capacity at nonprofits and are indicative of how strong JPMorgan Chase's commitment is to local communities.”

    Caitlin B., Detroit Service Corps 2015
  • “I see people from diverse backgrounds both professionally and culturally come together and work as a unit to make a difference. We were all there not for ourselves but to help others—it was great to see people come together despite differences and build great solutions. That attitude is definitely something to take away from this experience.”

    Nirav P., Brazil Service Corps 2013
  • “I will say this was one of the most challenging and rewarding professional and personal experiences I’ve ever had. We were a group of strangers that had to learn about each other as quickly as we had to understand the client and deliver a product that was best in class while tailored to the audience. I have a greater appreciation for our firm’s talent and diversity of thought and culture.”

    Nkonye O., Detroit Service Corps 2016
  • “Before this project, I was proud to work at JPMorgan Chase because of its reputation in the market and business success. After this project, I know that the reputation and success of this company comes from its commitment to its clients. I couldn't be more proud of having had this opportunity to represent JPMorgan Chase on such an important project.”

    Silvio C., Detroit Service Corps 2016
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