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Empower Women's Career Growth

Women on the Move aims to recruit and retain more women, increase women’s representation at all levels and propel more women into leadership positions across the firm

Investing in women’s success is a key priority at JPMorgan Chase and know that each woman’s individual success is critical to our success as a business. We’re focused on supporting female employees by providing an inclusive culture, growth opportunities, coaching and training, family-friendly policies and benefits.

I’m proud to see us expand Women on the Move, which has been so meaningful to those of us at the firm these past five years.

Jenn Piepszak, Chief Financial Officer, JPMorgan Chase


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What is the secret to drawing women into tech?

The following article is part of the "Good Business Creates Good" series, presented by JPMorgan Chase and Ozy.

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What Being a Filipina Means to Me? Being Smart, Focused and Speaking My Mind

Growing up in the Philippines, I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed of going to America. I was happy in Manila. It’s where my family was based, and it’s where I thought I would always live. That is, until an incredible opportunity came my way.

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Why You Don't Have to be in Leadership Positions to Create Gender Equality

Conversations about gender equality may be uncomfortable but transparency is essential to creating change across an organization.

Stopping Unconscious Bias is a Team Effort

Two JPMorgan Chase technology leaders discuss bias and the role leadership must play to address it in the workplace.

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