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Throughout our 200-year history, JPMorgan Chase has always been there for our constituents around the world. In the toughest of times when strong banks are needed the most, we never waver in our support, and we never lose sight of our main mission: serving our clients. Our job is to always do right by them and consistently strive not only to meet their needs but also to exceed their expectations and continually make it easy for clients to do business with us.

As much as any company on the planet, we are helping individuals, businesses of all sizes, governments, nonprofits and communities seize the opportunities of our times. We can do this because of the strong company we have built – global in reach, local in execution, with an impressive set of products and capabilities and a steadfast commitment to provide exceptional client service.

We Focus on the Customer

  • Exceed expectations by listening to customers and anticipating their needs, making it easy for them to do business with us
  • Earn trust by always focusing on customers’ best interests; high-quality customers will grow along with the company
  • Give customers a good, fair deal – offer high-quality, competitively priced products and services
  • Consider the full range of products and services that will fit customer needs, cross selling when appropriate
  • Never allow short-term profit considerations to get in the way of doing what’s right for the customer
  • Use our own products – when it comes to understanding the customer, nothing beats being a customer
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We Are Field and Client Driven; We Operate at the Local Level

  • Use our size as a strength to execute well at the local level
  • Spend time in local markets to understand everything about the customer (and what the competition might be doing for him or her)
  • Provide the resources and authority needed for decision making in the field
  • Innovate, test and learn – we know some ideas will fail, and that’s okay

We Build World Class Franchises, Investing for the Long Term, to Serve Our Clients

  • Make good, long-term decisions that allow us to do well in the good times and withstand the tough times
  • Be proud of what we are doing
  • Do right by the customer in all our interactions
  • Ensure our company will stand the test of time