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Technology Connects Ideas and Colleagues Across the Globe

JPMorgan Chase Global Technology Innovation Week: where technology meets big ideas.

Technology and innovation have fueled some of the most common things we use on a daily basis at home, at work, and on the go. Connecting the company’s 40,000 technologists across 14 global technology hubs, JPMorgan Chase’s Global Technology team recently held its second annual Innovation Week. The global event is aimed at driving a culture of innovation and showcasing the big ideas and innovative technologies that fuel everything we do.

The event kicked off with a fireside chat with Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon and Global Technology Strategy & Partnerships Head Larry Feinsmith. The two discussed at length how new technologies like cloud, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) present new opportunities for the firm, and how JPMorgan Chase is well positioned to continue to innovate at scale. In fact, the company is investing $9.5 billion annually in technology and innovation that drives positive change on a global scale.

In addressing the true scope and scale of the event, Feinsmith called attention to the fact that JPMorgan Chase benefits from both strong executive support for creative thinking and a diverse organization with incredible know-how. "We innovate every single day at this firm, but this week is about all of us coming together to collaborate and discuss some of the most important work we are doing. The week is made successful by everyone's involvement and desire to share ideas and learn from one another," said Feinsmith.

From Singapore to Chicago, San Francisco to Hyderabad, and Columbus to Bournemouth, over 16,000 employees had the opportunity to network and interact as they learned about some of our most cutting edge technological developments including sessions on fintech, cloud, blockchain, micro services architecture, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning from both internal and external subject matter experts. While sessions in each location typically featured themes that aligned with the locations’ business focus, Global Chief Information Officer Dana Deasy emphasized the fact that the Global Technology organization is tightly aligned on innovation priorities across all lines of business around the world.

"It's important to keep in mind that technology is always evolving and if you're not innovating, you're already behind."

Dana Deasy, Managing Director, IT Organizational Management

As part of Innovation Week, 6,000 JPMorgan Chase technologists rolled up their sleeves and started coding as part of the 24-hour Global Hackathon. Working collaboratively to solve big challenges isn’t a new task for JPMorgan Chase technologists—every year, over 2,000 of our employees volunteer their time around the globe to provide tech solutions to local nonprofits through our Technology for Social Good program. During the Innovation Week hackathon, self-assembled teams in 22 locations came together to convert 800 unique ideas into real solutions. In a race against time, competing teams were challenged to create solutions in a marathon of software design and development using technologies like Java, .NET, Big Data, AppViewX, Cucumber, ELK, and more. These are just a few of the more than 7,000 business applications currently managed by JPMorgan Chase technologists. Some teams worked to improve the customer experience with money saving applications and increase employee productivity on the go, while others explored fun ideas like using drones for security purposes, or stocking up the fridge and supplies from a delivery service via ChasePay.

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