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Sarah Heffron and Joanna Martin

May 06, 2020

Same goal, different approaches

Sarah Heffron and Joanna Martin are members of the J.P. Morgan Electronic Client Solutions team in London.  Sarah runs European Equities Execution for traders and Joanna leads the Global Liquidity Solutions group focused on institutional client product needs.

Over the years, Sarah and Joanna have come to develop a strong collaborative working relationship while driving institutional client business and building their teams.

Although their roles are distinctly different they have found in certain situations that the unique blend of their skillsets enable them to find alternative solutions and unexpected approaches.  While one brings an analytic and problem-solving nature to the table the other brings the ability to connect dots and motivate people.

What it takes

As leaders of large working groups, Sarah and Joanna are responsible for managing and building effective teams. Their personnel management approach includes understanding an individual employees’ career trajectory and continuously projecting out what the organizations’ future talent needs will likely be.

For early-stage employees, Sarah and Joanna tend to look for key skillsets they believe will add value to the business and grow the candidates’ career.  At the top of the list is the ability to harness the power of data, understand processes and deliver analytics. They will be looking for talent who can build dashboards for traders, sales, and product to drive real time decision-making.

Joanna also watches out for ‘self-starters’ who are curious and can collaborate, a skillset that together can set the stage for career mobility and new opportunities.

Career mobility survival tips

When facing a steep learning curve such as starting a new role, Sarah advises that you need to get comfortable with not fully understanding certain dimensions of the job and the business for a while. Joanna adds that asking questions to understand complex concepts demonstrates a willingness to learn and go the ‘extra mile’. Both recommend developing strong communication skills and learning how and when to have a productive discussion with your manager about your new role.



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