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Rebecca Bullene

Soul-searching and finding purpose

May 21, 2020

Rebecca’s childhood fascination with nature led her down the path to garden design, large-scale plant installations and entrepreneurship.  Rebecca walks us through her very relatable experience and the twists and turns of her career path. 

While climbing the ladder as an audio book publisher in New York, Rebecca found herself unfulfilled.  As the outward trappings of success grew, an internal voice grew louder pointing her back to her roots. 

Taking a leap of faith 

After a period of soul-searching, Rebecca left her corporate job and eventually landed a role as website editor for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Despite a significant pay cut, Rebecca began to thrive again while working with world-class master gardeners of horticulture and garden design. 

Slowly, Rebecca found a way to pivot her work directly into the gardens themselves and acquired a small following of visitors, board members and wealthy individuals seeking her guidance.  It wasn’t long before word spread and demand for her work grew.  

The power of access

This new-found success led her to start Greenery NYC, however not without the typical challenges small business owners face including scaling business and accessing capital.  She recalls a key turning point when she began reaching out for help which in turn led her to much needed resources, mentors and the confidence to invest in herself and her company.    

Rebecca offers savvy advice to women entrepreneurs needing to overcome self-doubt when approaching professional resources for help.  She advocates moving past the need to wait until you have all the answers or ‘enough experience’ before reaching out and accessing your real potential. 



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