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Kaguya Komatsu

May 13, 2020

Kaguya has found deep connections on both a professional and personal level. 

As head of Japan’s Institutional Client Sales and Marketing, Kaguya sees her leadership role as one of service.  She views her work as providing value not only to her client base but also benefiting the next generation of clients.     

Working mothers in Japan face similar work-life balance issues to those held around the world.  Kaguya shares her views on where progress has been made for mothers in the workplace and where more work is needed.

The power of honest feedback

Fortunately, Kaguya has benefited from managers who have taken a strong interest in nurturing her career path.

Kaguya describes a particularly tough manager who recognized and rewarded her strong work ethic and who was responsible for starting her on the career trajectory she now enjoys.  She also shares a story about a watershed moment she had with her current manager where they discussed a potential promotion and ultimately both came away with a key life lesson. 

Paying it forward

Women in Japan have traditionally been raised to be quiet, modest and receptive.  In this context, Kaguya explains why she invests her time teaching female colleagues to understand these learned behaviors and equip them with tools to find their voices and be more confident and productive.  She also helps women understand that it’s okay when you don’t have all the answers and to view those moments as opportunities.  

Finding purpose in your work

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