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WOTM Podcast: S3E6: Jaffe Sledge


Tracy Jaffe is the Chief Operating Officer of the Acceleration Project, a nonprofit dedicated to providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with the mentorship and resources they need to succeed. Tracy has played a key role in Tap’s growth from a small local nonprofit to an organization with national impact. This year, Women on the Move and Tap collaborated on a program called Navigating your Cash Flow where small business owners can access content and tools to help manage their finances. Understanding business cash flows is critical in order to make good decisions.

Utilizing Cash Flow Management Tools

Tracy thinks businesses should feel comfortable with their numbers in order to understand how decisions can affect their short and long term viablity. Finding solutions on how to increase revenue and decreasing cash outflow makes a huge difference for long term planning. “I would encourage people to read through the content. It's something in there that will resonate with you and give you an idea to have more cash coming in, or have it coming in faster, or have less cash going out, or have it at least going out a little bit more slowly” says Tracy.

Evaluating vendors is also a critical business move especially during the pandemic. The program offers a vendor analysis tool where you can look at the people who you're relying on for your business and evaluate whether they're the right vendor for you. Ellen spent months working with TAP through the pandemic and utilizing the vendor worksheet allowed her to bring down costs and run the business more effectively during the COVID pandemic.

For more information on the Navigating your Cashflow content, go to chase.cashflow.com.


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