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How One Savvy Barista Landed a Job at J.P. Morgan

Now, Filippo Pettazi's former customers are his coworkers.

Like many high school students, I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduation. While many of my friends went off to university, I decided to move to London from my home town of Genoa, Italy. I had no plan. I embarked on my journey with a few bags, a friend's couch to crash on and without a job.

Within a few weeks, I was lucky enough to get a job delivering food to banks and other large corporations in Canary Wharf, the heart of industry in London. I spent a lot of time in the lobbies of these grand buildings and thought, 'wow, I'd love to work somewhere like this one day.'

A year later, I took a role with another catering company that was responsible for food and drink vendors in many offices, including a popular coffee chain, where I became a barista. And in a sense, my wish finally came true - I was working in one of the buildings I marveled at just one year earlier.

In my new role I had the chance to meet and serve wonderful people every day. I became friendly with many of the regulars—I still know some of their orders by heart. Over the next year, I got to know some of them very well. There were all from different backgrounds, but had one common characteristic: they all worked at J.P. Morgan, which is where I decided I wanted to be.


With zero previous banking knowledge, I decided to enroll in university full-time in 2015, while still working at Starbucks. I made sure to keep my regular customers up to date with my academic achievements. As a result, one of them urged me to apply for the summer internship program. I applied and next thing I knew, I passed the assessment and was offered a role in the program. To say I was delighted was an understatement—finally, I was going to be in the business, working with the people I served every day.

My internship experience was incredibly inspiring because I began to explore the business from the other side of the counter. I had the opportunity to learn from people from different areas of business at various seniority levels. Despite the differences, everyone shared their time and experience to help a young, curious intern learn more about this complex, fascinating industry. The experience overwhelmed me in the best way possible. I finally knew what I wanted to do after university.

That was just the beginning. A year later, I graduated with a first class degree in Finance and was offered a place on the graduate program in Operations. I'm one year in, and have learned more than I ever thought possible. I even recently passed Level 1 of the CFA exam.

My motto is to always give 120% of yourself. Even as a delivery boy or a barista—you never know what doors it may open when you work hard.

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