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Gordon Smith

Apr 29, 2020

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: A career-long focus 

Gordon is a leading champion for JPMorgan Chase's diversity, inclusion and talent development efforts. 

It was years ago while working with a female mentee, when Gordon became keenly aware of the need for diversity, equity & inclusion. While expressing her concerns about organizations lacking diversity, she told him companies are sending the message that they are not the place for diverse talent.  From that point on, Gordon has maintained a keen focus on management accountability and instituting real business metrics designed to help managers maintain and grow the firm in this area. 

Gordon believes driving the organization to better reflect diversity  will positively impact JPMorgan Chase’s overall culture and better serve customers and the communities they live in.

Simplification is Innovation

You could say that Gordon is fixated on the customer experience and looks for meaningful ways to take complexity out of business.  Gordon understands that by simplifying products and making them easier to understand, customers can continue building their businesses and focusing on growth. 

Advancing Gender Equality

On male allies and advancing gender equality… Gordon discusses the importance of having senior male leaders leaning-in to provide mentorship, deliver talent reviews and give constructive developmental feedback. 

Building a diverse workforce takes a thoughtful, organizational approach.  It starts with the role of the recruiter who understands their role in building the talent of the future and carries through to managers who remain focused on diversity as they grow their teams.  Promotions and stretch opportunities need to be reinforced with a support system designed to encourage, fill knowledge gaps and ensure success for employees and the company. 


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