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Eve Rodsky

Apr 21, 2020

The text that started it all. 

“Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live)” is book Eve Rodsky feels she was born to write. A Harvard-trained lawyer and former foundational manager at JPMorgan Chase, Eve found herself in a marriage and partnership that was more than just a little uneven.

After she and her friends, accomplished women and mothers, compiled a list of over 1000 things they do, invisible work, that gets no recognition, she knew that she was on to something larger than just a text about buying blueberries. 

The myth of 50/50 

In thinking on her marriage and life partnership, Eve realized that 50/50 is a myth and she speaks on how unions should act more like business partnerships to get the work and parenting done in an equitable fashion. She devised the Fair Play card game to help partners work through their values and their roles.

“Fair Play became my love letter to men and women on the move. All over the country, men were saying to me, ‘I would do more in the home, but I just can’t get anything right,’” says Eve. To Eve, proper partnership goes beyond splitting things down the middle and trusting each other to do them with care. 

Great partnerships benefit everyone 

For women, sharing household responsibilities creates a space that Eve calls Unicorn Time. When women have space to be themselves and be creative the results are astounding. 

In this episode of Women on the Move, Eve praises the courage of women to fight back on societal norms, to reclaim their space and time from invisible work, and how both men, women and children benefit from the fair play of great partnerships.


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