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Bringing Diversity to Tech Across the World

Claudia Minzi's work with diversity has brought opportunities to women in tech and attention from across the tech industry.

Working in tech, Claudia Minzi has long struggled with the issue of inclusion in the workplace. A native of Buenos Aires, where she studied Systems Engineering and received an MBA from Buenos Aires University, she has over 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity, and has been with JPMorgan Chase for the last four.

As a professional woman in technology—as well as a wife and mother of three children--Minzi has often struggled against preconceived notions of what women can do in the workplace. “I have learned from my mother that I can have a successful career and be a good mother at the same time. There's no need to choose one over the other," she says. “There are no obstacles to achieving my goals when I am committed."

Minzi's work to increase inclusion and diversity hasn't gone unnoticed. This year, she received the HITEC 50 award, which recognizes the 50 most influential and notable Hispanic professionals in the technology industry in Ibero-America. What's more, this was her second time winning the award; she also received it in 2019.

We had the opportunity to speak with Claudia about her award and her recent promotion to Managing Director.

How are you actively promoting diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) in your role?

I try to avoid assumptions about anything, so I like learning about different cultures to understand people better and put myself in their shoes. At JPMorgan Chase, I am involved in several roles that promote DEI; the most recent being the Executive Sponsor for the CTC Hispanic Leadership Forum. We have many great programs that allow us the opportunity to work with and bring in diverse talent.

What do you consider the most valuable piece of advice you've ever received?

Work hard, be committed, be generous and inclusive, be transparent and collaborative, be thankful and friendly and be humble and trustworthy. Be a team player and try to solve issues that you may not even be responsible for. That is how you grow and learn.

What does success look like to you?

To me, success is being a good leader and doing what I love. If you ever get to a point in your career where you don't like going into the office or you dread working with the people you are working with, it is time to make a change.

What kind of role has networking played in your career?

I don't think I would have been promoted without having a network. Networking is essential to getting opportunities―how do you land a new project or a new role if you're not known? People who know you well can and will talk about you when you're not at the table. When you talk to different people and show them who you are and what your interests are, they think about where you might fit in with roles others are looking to fill.

Knowing what you now know, what piece of advice would you give yourself when you were beginning your career?

You need to trust in yourself. If someone offers you a good opportunity, just take it. Don't let it go because you feel you are not prepared. If it was offered to you, it's because you're ready. If you were selected, it's because you deserve it and can do it.

What struggles have you had related to DEI?

Unconscious bias is something that we all struggle with. We need to accept and understand that we all have biases. Once we identify and accept this, we can then begin to work on looking for the best candidates and promoting the best person for the role and being more inclusive, making people feel good.

I´ve been working in Cybersecurity for the last 24 years and am constantly working to ensure we provide the same opportunities for everyone. It is my responsibility as a leader in the firm to make things easier for the next generation of women engineers and executives, and pass on the lessons I have learned from my own career.

What brings you joy?

I enjoy working out and staying fit, travelling with my family, learning about different cultures, watching movies and being a mother.