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Five Tips for the Next Generation of Leaders

Despite technology changing rapidly, emotional intelligence remains a top skill in the workplace.

To educate and inspire the next generation of leaders, JPMorgan Chase and Axios stopped at The Ohio State University for the Smarter Faster Revolution college tour, with the goal of showcasing how technology is rapidly changing the working world and how to adapt to it.

The setting was appropriate for the conversation, given that this year is JPMorgan Chase's 150th anniversary in the Ohio market and plans to celebrate the many notable firsts to come out of this region including the concept of bank branches, computerized data processing and credit cards.

The Columbus metro area is home to 2.1 million people and is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the Midwest. Amy Bonitatibus, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Home Lending has witnessed the growth firsthand, “Major cities across the United States are becoming saturated and businesses like Facebook, Amazon, and JPMorgan Chase recognize the talent and growth opportunity in central Ohio.”

During the session Bonitatibus, whose experiences range from the halls of Capital Hill to the senior marketing and communications roles at one of the country’s largest banks, explained how she climbed the career ladder and provided an overview of skills that are imperative in the workplace. Here are her top five tips for the next generation of business leaders:

1. Shake Out the Jitters

“Prioritize getting an internship, because they provide such a valuable opportunity to shake the jitters out and get used to a work environment. Understanding and appreciating how to adapt to varying cultures will help you hit the ground running when starting a new job.”

2. Do Your Homework

“For those introverts out there, interviewing can be a real challenge. Just remember, interviews should be conversational, not rigid. The job market is intense right now, do your homework, be yourself, and chances are you’ll have a good chance at getting to the top.”

3. Know the Culture

“When I apply and interview for a job I weigh heavily the culture of the firm and that includes studying the current leadership. They set the overall tone for the company and it trickles down from there. Ultimately you want to join a community that’s fun, inspiring and motivational and has your best interests in mind.”

4. Consider Appealing Opportunities

“I’ve hired several people who don’t have a lot of experience, but when I meet them, I know they’ll add value, work hard and be a great fit with the team.”

5. Pursue Unassuming Opportunities

“Say yes to any opportunity that sounds good, even if you’re unsure it’s something you’d be interested in long-term. You never know what it will lead to. Even if you do it for one year, I bet you’ll be surprised by what you learn.”

About Smarter Faster Revolution
With increasing globalization and an even greater reliance on technology, the future of the workplace and the role businesses play is constantly shifting. Businesses are paving the way and enacting innovative strategies that are truly shaping the future of work. To help our younger generation get up to speed, JPMorgan Chase partnered with Axios to present the four-part Smarter Faster Revolution campus tour series aimed at educating the next generation of workers—college students.

Ohio State University was the fifth stop on the Smarter Faster Revolution tour, which will visit the University of Delaware next in the fall.