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WOTM Podcast: S4E1: Ally Love

Wellness Coach & Superstar Entrepreneur Talks Action & Empowerment

Ally Love is comfortable with a nonlinear life and an out-of-the-box definition of success. In this episode of Women on the Move, the co-founder and CEO of Love Squad, Peloton instructor and host of the Brooklyn Nets to the joy of wearing many hats.

Ally has achieved phenomenal success as an entrepreneur and wellness guru through hard work and a fearless willingness to forge her own path. Growing up in a blue-collar neighborhood of Miami, she wasn’t handed many opportunities. And, at the age of nine, she was hit by a car and forced to make some tough decisions about how she wanted to live her life. At this very early turning point, she committed to moving forward and creating her own opportunities, which she continues to do today.

Helping women “boss up”

Her work with Love Squad is focused on emboldening women to unleash their inner bosses and reclaim their power by facilitating educational and honest conversations. Love Squad events cover everything from body image to salary negotiation, allowing women to learn from each other and reclaim agency over their physical, mental, and professional well-being. Ally’s ongoing work with Love Squad inspired her social media series and TED Talk titled “The Basics of Bossing Up,” both of which guide women to make smart decisions grounded in self-love.

In this engaging conversation with host Sam Saperstein, Ally Love touches on the difference between being inspirational and aspirational, and shares three key questions to help guide listeners toward meaningful personal growth.

Ally Love
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