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WOTM Podcast: S3E6: Erickson +Tucker

Jamie Erickson grew up with food and hospitality ingrained from her grandfather’s 40 years as the counter man at the B&H Dairy. She knew she wanted to have her own food service business and it was only fitting that she named her company after the man who inspired it all, her grandfather Poppy as she called him. On a mission to create simple and beautifully crafted food, she found inspiration in the simplicity of Italian food and its presentation during her honeymoon in Tuscany.

Pivoting during COVID

When everything was shutting down in March, she didn’t realize the depth of this crisis and how long it would continue. Prioritizing her employee payments with  two  months of no business, she was in a tough position. She pivoted her business to buy wholesale produce from a co-op in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and distributed organic vegetables to people in the neighborhood. While figuring out new sources of revenue, she remained committed to keeping her employees paid. 

Working with your Banker

Jacintha Carasco-Tucker witnessed the devastation many business owners faced when the pandemic struck. She worked with Jamie and others to navigate the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) as soon it was announced. With almost everything out of her control, Jacintha found that something as simple as communicating with her clients brought immense comfort and moral support. Jacintha suggests that now is the time to think about what business owners can to differently to reinvent their businesses to weather the crisis.

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