Analysts pair up to program a Java exercise during a Tech Connect session in Jersey City. Programming in pairs provides analysts an opportunity to learn from one another and approach problem solving with a diverse perspective.

Tech Connect Program Targets Tech-Savvy Women

Graduate technology program aims to boost talent pipeline and tackle profession’s long-standing gender imbalance.

In an age where technology is advancing at the speed of light, the need for tech-savvy graduates is growing just as fast. Companies everywhere are striving to create innovative products and applications but this can't happen without top talent.

We're answering this trend with Tech Connect, a program designed to attract the next generation of technology specialists, specifically to encourage more women to choose technology careers in areas that have typically been dominated by men in the past.

"Technology’s 'disruptive' power continues to grow and the need for skilled professionals has never been greater," said Simon Cooper, head of Technology for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. "There is a war for talent out there, and you need to find new and different angles to solve the issue. Every single industry is dependent on good technologists now."

Tech Connect provides graduates with four weeks of training and development to help them in the first steps towards a career in technology here at JPMorgan Chase. We recruit math and sciences majors in their final year of college as candidates for the program that will offer women basic programming skills, mentoring and networking opportunities.

"A diverse technology workforce drives our innovation. The challenge was that we weren’t seeing enough women coming into the tech space."

Ali Marano, head of Talent Pipeline for Technology and Operations

Marano highlighted the important role diversity play in innovation and how Tech Connect will help to address the gender gap. "Less than 20% of the people studying computer science today are women. We knew that if we continued to follow the path of just going after computer science graduates then things wouldn't change in the near term, because the women were not there."

Kenyetta Jeter, a Technology Analyst in the firm’s Commercial Banking division, said the program has provided a unique experience by encouraging participants to gain lifelong skills as well, specifically, "teaching us about the need to define ourselves broadly, embrace constant change, and build meaningful relationships in the workplace…Tech Connect provided us with a valuable network of dedicated mentors who welcomed us into the firm. Together, we have been able to collectively acknowledge the gender gap in technology, and have an open dialogue about diversity of thought," she said.

A total of 40 students, divided equally between the United States and the United Kingdom, were selected for the program, which began in August 2015. The recruitment process for 2016 is underway, with plans to double admission to cover 80 women. To learn more and apply for the program, please visit our Tech Connect page on our JPMorgan Chase Careers website.