Celebrating Advancing Black Leaders Second Anniversary

February 2018 marks the second anniversary of our Advancing Black Leaders (ABL) strategy as it continues to focus on attracting, hiring, retaining and advancing talent here at JPMorgan Chase within the black community. The strategy was originally identified by our Operating Committee in February 2016 and is led by Valerie Rainford, head of Advancing Black Leaders and Diversity Advancement Strategies. The strategy is designed to expand our sourcing and recruitment capability and promote leadership excellence and retention at all levels from within the black community. To attract and hire, ABL is working to increase the junior talent pipeline and the talent pool for open positions. To retain and advance, the strategy identifies performance excellence and opportunities for development and advancement for employees.

“It's important to maintain an environment where people from different backgrounds feel accepted. Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce are core values for our company.”

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase

According to Rainford, ABL is a smart business strategy, similar to our commitment to hiring and retaining women, military veterans, and people with disabilities, many of whom have unique skill sets and backgrounds. We have started, and will continue to reinforce our commitment to the black community, as well as the Hispanic and Asian communities.

“When we see an opportunity where we want to do better, we’re bold enough to make the change,” Rainford said. “Advancing Black Leaders is that kind of strategy, and we’re not stopping there. We’ll continually look at ways to help other communities within the company.”

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