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By Caitlin McGilley
Vice President, Global Security & Investigations
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
VP, Global Security &

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Assessing Threats in Times of War and Peace

Meet Caitlin McGilley, Vice President of Global Intelligence in Global Security & Investigations at JPMorgan Chase and Lieutenant. Caitlin spent seven years as a United States Navy Intelligence Officer, where she held several roles including Director of Intelligence for a Joint Special Operations Task Force in the Middle East. She is currently a reservist and may be called upon if the country is in crisis.

What are some of the challenges that you faced making the transition from the military to corporate?

Being a Navy Officer was a large part of my identity and it took some time during my transition to the civilian world to see that it wasn’t the uniform that defined me but rather my drive to serve and protect people. Once I figured that out, I realized that Corporate Security was the perfect career path.

How has your work with the military complemented the role at JPMorgan Chase and vice versa?

Most of my work in the military was time-sensitive, requiring expeditious and accurate work to help keep people safe. High-stress environments bring out the best in me so when an investigation hits my desk that requires a quick turnaround, I’m always ready to prioritize my work to make sure our employees are safe. There is no such thing as an inconvenience when people need help.

What qualities do you feel women/you bring that are an asset to the workplace?

Strong leadership, integrity, competency, sound judgment – really any quality of an excellent employee will be found in all genders.

What does a successful career mean to you?

A successful career is continuously maintaining that balance of enjoying your job, learning something new every day, avoiding boredom, and making sure you get home for dinner – even if you have to work after dessert.

What advice would you give to other women transitioning from the military to corporate?

The same thing I always told my teams: “If you do the right thing, you’re never wrong.” It’s important that people continue to use sound judgment, act with integrity, and make the choice that does the most good. You’ll succeed where ever you land if you follow those principles.

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