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By Amitabh Iyer
Head of Securities Processing Technology for Asia
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Head of Securities Processing Technology

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Making PRIDE Strides in India

India is a fascinating country in terms of its diversity — both in terms of culture and ethnicity. With this huge diversity comes an interesting set of variances, in terms of behaviors, preferences and identity.

Launching the PRIDE India Allies chapter is key to respecting the individual as a person. While the direct impact is in making the workplace inclusive and one where our LGBT colleagues can thrive, there is also the corollary that helps all our employees feel safe and respected in this inclusive environment.

For any employee who spends over 50 percent of their waking time at work, it is important that they feel they can wear their identity on their sleeve. Our workplace already is an inclusive one, but launching the PRIDE India Allies chapter reinforces our values, our respect and our belief that we should let all individuals "bring their full selves to work."

As we get the India chapter up and running, we do so with a driving vision that we want all our colleagues to be their authentic selves.

“The more we focus on diversity and inclusion, the happier and more productive our offices will become and the more talent we will be able to attract and retain. This is what drives me to be an Ally.”

Amitabh Iyer, Head of Securities Processing Technology for Asia

Pride India will help foster the community and awareness around the firm's inclusive agenda. Across the next few months, the key items include nurturing and expanding the active community; building internal share and support groups; create awareness within the broader firm; overall provide our Pride participants with a strong platform to share and connect.

About the author: Amitabh Iyer is the head of Securities Processing Technology for Asia, based in Mumbai. Amitabh’s drive to be an active ally comes from his keen interest in the identity of the self, and how each of our identified affinities shapes us. His own personal belief strongly resonates with the active agenda of JPMorgan Chase. Amitabh is absolutely proud to be a vocal and visible ally.