JPMCI HOSP Geographic Data Visualization Tool

Healthcare spending varied widely in the US in 2016, both across and within states. Explore the JPMCI HOSP data asset at the state, metro area, and county level with our interactive data visualization tool. See the report Paying Out-of-Pocket: The Healthcare Spending of 2 Million US Families for a deeper analysis of this data.

Average out-of-pocket healthcare spending in 2016


  • $500 to $630
  • $631 to $680
  • $681 to $760
  • $761 to $820
  • $821 to $1,000
  • No Chase retail branch
  • $250-$550
  • $551-$650
  • $651-$800
  • $801-$1,000
  • $1,001-$1,300
  • Counties with low sample size*
  • Data unavailable

*For counties with sample size less than 100, we report a pooled weighted average representing all low-sample counties. A county is considered a low-sample county if its sample size is less than 100 in any year between 2013 and 2016.

Source: JPMorgan Chase Institute

1 Source of uninsurance rate data: Enroll America’s Uninsured Estimates for Non-Elderly Adults (2013-2016) (Opens Overlay)

2 Average estimated annual gross income reflects the annual pre-tax estimate of family income for each account holder ascertained by JPMorgan Chase using individual, third-party, and zip code-level data.

3 Sample size at the county level might not add up precisely to the state sample size as only counties that have data every year from 2013-2016 are included at the county level.