Designing mobile technology cases that sync with today’s digital lifestyle.


Brenthaven’s flagship store.

Just a few short years ago, Brenthaven was a local manufacturer providing backpacks to the explorers and adventurers of the Pacific Northwest. Today, the Seattle-based maker of luggage and electronics cases is an international corporation designing innovative products for the digital lifestyle.

Like many growing businesses, Brenthaven's path to success has been a winding one. When the company—then known as Brentley Softpacks—launched in 1980, it was a three-person operation that produced rugged, high quality wilderness packs for a small audience of adventure seekers. But times and customer needs change, and Brenthaven had the vision to change with them. Today, the company designs luggage and protective cases for today’s digital entrepreneur. Although Brenthaven’s products and customers may have changed, their mission—protecting what’s inside, no matter what conditions their customers encounter—has never wavered.

The company's growth and longevity owe much to the quality of its products, as well as its ability to evolve with changing customer needs—but its relationship with JPMorgan Chase has been equally critical. The bank's funding and financial guidance gave Brenthaven the capital it needed to grow its brand and acquire new customers.


The relationship began in 2010, when Brenthaven was going through an enormous period of growth—allowing the company to go from local to global. Riq M., a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase in Seattle, worked alongside Brenthaven’s new owner, Scott Armstrong, to add a line of credit and restructure finances. This new financial relationship allowed Brenthaven to grow their inventory levels to the point that would allow their products to be distributed through every Apple store across the globe. In fact, this provided Brenthaven the inventory they needed to further expand their relationship with Apple into schools—they now supply laptop cases and protective backpacks for students.

“The opportunity to partner with a local company and help it expand to a global markets and new audiences was a perfect fit.”

Riq M., Vice President — JPMorgan Chase, Seattle

Brenthaven’s stable partnership with Apple as well as its best-in-class product line for students continues to foster growth for the company – Brenthaven is now the leader in educational sales, with the largest market share in this arena.

Brenthaven may have started small, but its commitment to quality and willingness to adapt to a changing market—as well as its relationship with JPMorgan Chase—have proven yet again that with the right vision and the right support, anything is possible.

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