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San Francisco Skills Gap Report

High demand for middle-skill workers in the healthcare and finance industries

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Unemployment remains high across the globe, yet recent data reveals that employers are having trouble finding workers in key sectors. As part of our five-year, $250 million New Skills at Work initiative, we are releasing a series of skills gap reports in nine metro areas in the United States, as well as in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. The reports focus on middle skills jobs – those that require a high school degree and technical training but not a BA diploma.

In May 2015, we released the San Francisco Skills Gap Report, which shows that the San Francisco Bay Area has rebounded from the recession with robust job growth and low unemployment, a highly educated workforce and thriving large employers.

The Bay Area is strong and growing

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It also shows that while the region is known for its dynamic technology sector, it also has several other fast-growing industries, including the healthcare and finance sectors, which provide strong middle-skill opportunities. The healthcare sector has impressive projected employment growth and solid career pathways and the finance sector offers a wide range of career pathways, including many cross-sector opportunities.

The report provides data and analyses that highlight middle-skill opportunities within the growing sectors of healthcare and finance — and recommends that Bay Area stakeholders should develop and implement regional strategies to strengthen the middle-skill sector, diversify the talent pipeline and close the opportunity gaps that prevent disadvantaged residents from accessing middle-skill jobs.

Healthcare and finance offer growing middle-skill opportunities in the Bay Area

View Text Versionof the Healthcare and finance offer growing middle-skill opportunities in the Bay Area.

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