Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. King

Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. King

JPMorgan Chase employees celebrate the legacy of Dr. King and are committed to helping fulfill his vision for a better world

Our more than 250,000 employees celebrate Dr. King's enduring messages of equality, opportunity, and service to others. His principles have resonated across the globe, inspiring and guiding people of all walks of life toward more open and tolerant communities.

In these challenging times, we know it's more important than ever that we continue to support efforts that advance Dr. King's dream. We also remain committed to building our business with the help of a diverse group of employees and suppliers.

Through these efforts, we hope to do our part to uphold Dr. King's vision. Today and every day.

“It's important for JPMorgan Chase to support Dr. King's legacy because of the important values he committed his life to promoting, such as equality and equal opportunity, and quality education for all. People like Dr. Martin Luther King are what made America what it is today. The values he espoused are the values that JPMorgan Chase also tries to stand for around the world.”

Jamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Support for Dr. King's Ideals

Martin Luther King

The values exhibited by Dr. King and embodied in his lifelong struggle for social change align with those that shape JPMorgan Chase's approach to giving in the communities in which it operates. The King Center, located in Atlanta, GA, is the official living legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of America's greatest nonviolent movement for justice, equality and peace.


Martin Luther King

JPMorgan Chase is committed to funding programs that strengthen student achievement and raise graduation rates.

Houston's Apollo 20

A three year commitment of $2.5 million, this program is transforming Houston's lowest performing schools by investing in recruitment and development of more effective teachers, implementation of extended school days, daily intensive tutoring, and the use of more rigorous curricula.

Abyssinian Development Corporation

This Promise Neighborhood Initiative, a $1.5 million commitment over the next three years, will implement an aggressive school turnaround plan to significantly improve the quality of education for thousands of Harlem students.

I KNOW I CAN "Save Smart Program"

This initiative empowers low-income families to change their course through financial discipline and matching their savings for education.


Martin Luther King

JPMorgan Chase recognizes that providing opportunities for all citizens to pursue their passions is fundamental to achieving the American dream.

Living Cities

A donor collaborative comprised of the 22 largest foundations in the country, which has helped leverage more than $16 billion over the last 18 years to build homes, stores, schools, child and health care centers, job-training programs, and other community assets.

Feeding America

A $5 million commitment, this program provided 34 refrigerated delivery trucks to food assistance programs in 19 cities across the country, helping ensure that food banks can offer fresh, nutritious food to the people who need it most.

741 Workforce Collaborative

This program creates a web-based case management system that helps assess unemployed peoples' needs and works to maximize the likelihood that they find gainful employment.


Martin Luther King

JPMorgan Chase believes in service and encourages its employees to give back not only in their neighborhoods, but in the high-need communities across the globe.

Technology for Social Good Program

This innovative program allows JPMorgan Chase to leverage our talented Technology staff to support the NGO community by providing hands on assistance and guidance to both strengthen their infrastructure and to help them to use technology in pursuit of their missions. Find out more about this program.

Innovations for Learning

Through an online tutoring platform, we connect hundreds of JPMorgan Chase employees with first and second graders, allowing them to tutor and mentor students, all without leaving the office.

Bankers without Borders

This three-year, $3 million grant from JPMorgan Chase allows employees to extend financial support and expertise in finance, business development, marketing and technology to the developing world.

Preserving Dr. King's Legacy

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial
JPMorgan Chase has donated $1 million to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC. As one of the most important and inspiring leaders in our nation's history, we believe it is important for Dr. King to be honored and memorialized in our nation's capital.

Introduction to The King Center Imaging Project

JPMorgan Chase worked with the archives at The King Center to create an unprecedented, innovative, global educational website based on a comprehensive collection of Dr. King's speeches, sermons and correspondence. Along with Dr. King's documents, the project also includes originals from other key figures and groups involved in the Civil Rights Movement. The website makes for the first time these historical materials readily available to anyone with access to the Internet.

The JPMorgan Chase Technology for Social Good program organized a highly skilled team to provide both time and expertise to digitize these historic documents. The website also invites visitors to write their own dreams and post them up with thousands of others from visitors around the world.

The King Center Imaging Project An Initiative of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“Our valued relationship with JPMorgan Chase and their innovative Technology for Social Good program is helping to preserve and extend my father's important message to sustain the momentum of nonviolent social change around the world.”

Martin Luther King III