Aeroservicios USA:

Developing a strong local workforce for a growing global industry.

Aeroservicios USA

Airlines around the world rely on Aeroservicios USA to provide reliable ground service equipment (GSE) for use in maintaining aircraft and loading and unloading passengers and cargo. Thanks to its innovative "recycling" business model, the family-owned Miami-based company has carved out a niche in the aviation industry.

Aeroservicios maintains a large and constantly changing inventory of baggage carts, lifts, tractors, stair trucks, tow bars and dozens of other types of GSE at the company's facility near Miami International Airport. Skilled mechanics repair and refurbish the equipment to meet the industry's high standards.

Then, the company sells, leases and rents its equipment to commercial, cargo and charter airlines as well as to major handlers.

Aeroservicios also engages local manufacturers to produce new equipment, including baggage carts and aluminum stairs, creating new jobs for suppliers and multiplying the company's contributions to the aviation industry and the local economy.

Above all, Aeroservicios looks to maintain an honest and respectful relationship with all of their customers and employees. Keith S., relationship manager at Chase in Miami, says, "Honesty, integrity, transparency and a deep commitment to customer service are key values for the Aeroservicios team. This company is known for living up to its word."

Aeroservicios USA

Before and after photos of rehabbed equipment

Last year, Chase provided Aeroservicios with a line of credit that allowed them to purchase and resell additional GSE, which resulted in a dramatic increase in revenue, and allowed Aeroservicios to increase its year-round workforce from 80 to 100 employees, most of whom are foreign-born, Spanish-speaking residents. In keeping with its strong corporate values, Aeroservicios provides safety and job skills training to its new hires, empowering them on the job and opening the door to new career prospects. Aeroservicios also pays for English-language studies, supports workers who choose to embark on the path to citizenship, and offers personal loans to employees.

Although Aeroservicios is a niche business, they have truly carved out their place in the airline industry, and within the Miami community.

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