JPMorgan Chase strives to be a thoughtful financial partner by working to help raise the bar on environmental and social performance, and enabling our clients to more effectively manage risk while capitalizing on new sustainable opportunities globally.

In a world facing rapid population growth, water scarcity, a changing climate and other resource-related challenges, long-term economic growth depends on meeting society's energy, infrastructure, food and other needs in ever more sustainable ways.

Environmental and Social Risk Management


Understanding our clients' environmental and social performance is an important element of how we assess and manage risk. The consequences of failing to appropriately manage environmental and social issues can directly impact our reputation, our clients' operations and long-term economic viability, and the communities and environment in which we and our clients operate.

JPMorgan Chase has a robust, multifaceted approach to assess and manage potential environmental and social risk in certain types of transactions and across industry sectors. The firm has a dedicated team of experts that evaluate potential environmental and social risk associated with certain corporate lending, debt and equity underwriting, and advisory transactions. In some cases, these efforts involve engagement with clients to discuss industry best practices and ways to strengthen performance.

JPMorgan Chase is a signatory to various internationally-recognized principles that help guide our efforts on environmental and social risk management. Please visit the Memberships & Commitments page for more information.

Financing Sustainable Solutions

We believe there is tremendous potential for energy efficiency, renewable energy and other technologies to help address a range of sustainability challenges. We provide a full suite of advisory, underwriting and lending capabilities for clients who are working across a wide range of sectors and geographies to develop and implement solutions that help meet critical sustainability needs. Please click here for more information about our capabilities and expertise.

Investing in Conservation

In 2014, we became the founding sponsor of NatureVest, a new initiative at The Nature Conservancy that aims to accelerate the development of a global market for investments in natural ecosystems. NatureVest will provide a forum for thought leadership and original research on investments in conservation, and develop a pipeline of new investment opportunities designed to help protect and restore critical land and water ecosystems.

In November 2014, NatureVest released its first research report, Investing in Conservation: A landscape assessment of an emerging market. Find more insights in our Social Finance Research Library.

More information about our environmental and social risk management efforts and sustainable business financing can be found in our Environmental and Social Policy Framework and annual Corporate Responsibility Report.