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BEYOND DETROIT Model in Action

We are putting our model into action in cities across the globe.

While we look at our work in Detroit as “proof of concept” of JPMorgan Chase’s model for driving inclusive growth, our firm’s corporate responsibility strategy and approach was developed, tested and refined through our efforts on the ground in communities around the world.

While every city faces unique challenges and opportunities, our model works because it focuses on the drivers of inclusive growth that our experience shows are consistent across communities: arm people with the skills needed for today’s high-quality jobs; provide small businesses — particularly minority-owned and community-based ones — with capital and resources; invest in community development that revitalizes not only urban cores but also surrounding neighborhoods; and give households the tools and resources to manage their financial health.

JPMorgan Chase is advancing these drivers through a series of targeted philanthropic initiatives, all of which are informed by data, focused on strengthening the underlying systems needed to deliver sustainable change and executed in collaboration with deeply committed and knowledgeable partners.

On the pages that follow, we briefly highlight these initiatives and showcase some examples of how we are putting our model into action in communities around the world.

JPMorgan Chase’s Corporate Responsibility Efforts

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