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The Lab Winners

The nine winners of the Financial Solutions Lab’s first competition leveraged technology to creatively tackle the pervasive problem of managing household cash flow.

Ascend logo

Reduces risk on current loans and rewards the borrower by lowering interest payments for responsible financial behavior.

Digit logo

An automated savings tool that uses an algorithm to move small amounts of money from checking into savings based on spending habits.

Even logo

Turns inconsistent income of hourly and part-time workers into a steady salary by saving money from above-average paychecks and boosting low paychecks.

Lendstreet logo

A marketplace lending platform that helps borrowers reduce their debt and rebuild their credit.

PayGoal logo

A workplace tool that enables workers to put more wages toward their principal financial goals using a simple, guided mobile experience.

Prism logo

A bill payment and management app that helps people better manage their personal finances by giving them a platform to review, manage and pay their bills for free.

Propel logo

Simplifies the SNAP application process by streamlining enrollment, eliminating paper documents and providing a phone-friendly mobile interface.

Puddle logo

A platform for reputation-based borrowing, allowing anyone with a debit card to make small, short-term loans to other trusted borrowers.

Supportpay logo

An automated child support payment platform that enables parents to share child expenses and exchange child support directly with each other.

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