How We Do Business

In December 2014, we published “How We Do Business — The Report,” which describes our firm’s business practices and standards, as well as actions we have taken to address recent legal and regulatory issues. The report details the ways we have sought to strengthen our corporate culture and structure to improve understanding, adherence and enforcement of our corporate standards, as well as to strengthen our control environment. It also describes how we are redoubling our commitment to customers and working to enhance our relationships with regulators, shareholders and communities.

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Sustainable Finance

JPMorgan Chase helps our clients identify and reduce environmental and social risks, find solutions to emerging issues and capitalize on the opportunities created by the transition to a more sustainable global economy. Highlights in 2014:

graphic depiction of trees, birds and plants

Provided founding sponsorship of NatureVest, an initiative of The Nature Conservancy to attract investment capital to conservation

graphic depiction of green bonds with $22 billion on the topmost bond

Underwrote more than $2.2 billion in green bonds — debt issuances where proceeds are directed toward environmentally beneficial or climate-friendly purposes

graphic depiction of a magnifying glass superimposed on a cloud

Released an Environmental and Social Policy Framework, after extensive stakeholder engagement, to communicate our approach to these risks in our business

Our Customer Commitment

Every day, we put our commitment to customer service into practice as we help millions of individuals and families manage their daily finances, save money and invest for the future. Highlights in 2014:

number 1 in circle graphic

#1 in customer satisfaction among big banks for the third consecutive year (ACSI, December 2014)

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#2 in the J.D. Power 2014 Mortgage Servicing Study, up from #13 in 2010

number 3 in circle graphic

#3 in the J.D. Power 2014 Mortgage Origination Study, up from #12 in 2010 and #5 in 2013

Supporting Our People

The long-term growth and success of JPMorgan Chase depend on our ability to attract and retain our employees. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive workplace where all employees can do well and to providing them with opportunities for further development. Highlights in 2014:

graphic of four women with a speech bubble icon above their heads

Globally, 49% of our new hires were women. In the United States, 58% of our hires were racially or ethnically diverse

graphic of a row of different coloured men and women holding hands

Launched our Blueprint for Diversity & Inclusion toolkit to help managers understand why diversity and inclusion is a critical business priority

graphic of a man sitting at a work station

40% of roles across the firm were filled by internal candidates

Engaging With Our Stakeholders

By listening to our stakeholders, we gain insight into their perspectives and the issues that matter to them, which helps us develop products, services and policies that are responsive to their needs. Highlights in 2014:

graphic of business leaders convening around a board table

Convened policy experts and our own business leaders to foster open conversations about Chase products and policies impacting low– and moderate–income communities and people with disabilities

graphic of a row of people with a person presenting from a screen

Collaborated with Ceres to convene a dialogue with a group of external stakeholders on the role of the financial services sector in supporting and protecting human rights

Culture, Governance and Controls

The company has set high corporate standards, and under the leadership of our Board and management, we are committed to creating an environment in which all our people operate with integrity, fairness and accountability. Over the past several years, our control agenda has been a top priority. Highlights in 2014:

graphic of two sets of people shaking hands with a speech bubble above their heads

From 2012 through 2014, more than 16,000 employees were added to support our regulatory, compliance and control efforts across the entire company

graphic of someone giving a presentation

We have implemented training and education programs that have touched every one of our roughly 240,000 people working in more than 60 countries and 2,100 U.S. cities