JPMorgan Chase’s commitment to help strengthen the communities we serve is an inherent part of how we think and operate. We deploy investment capital, provide credit and apply our expertise in structuring innovative deals to help develop the core components of vibrant, livable communities: affordable housing, health care, education, job opportunities, access to healthy food and more.

Taking Action

Our community development efforts focus on serving low- and moderate-income communities across the United States, guided by the view that resilient communities require sustained commitment and a comprehensive approach. In 2014, we launched a three-year, $33 million initiative to foster collaboration among community development financial institutions (CDFI), which are essential partners in revitalizing neighborhoods and strengthening communities.

18.4 million
18.4 million U.S. households pay more than 50% of their income on housing — leaving few resources to meet other basic needs
31 out of 100
For every 100 extremely low-income renter households, there are just 31 affordable and available units

2014 Highlights

graphic of houses with $2.6 billion superimposed

Provided $2.6 billion to low- and moderate-income communities through our community development lending and equity investments

graphic of a house, ladder and bucket with $33 million superimposed

Launched a $33 million initiative that brings together 26 local and regional CDFIs in 20 U.S. states to form seven Collaboratives organized around a common community development challenge

graphic of a man holding a heart with +$200 million superimposed

Over $200 million in philanthropic giving to nonprofits in 44 countries and more than 40,000 JPMorgan Chase employees provided over 560,000 hours of volunteer service in communities around the world

At Work In:

a statue in Bronzeville, south Chicago
World map with Chicago pin


Turning the Tide in a Historic Neighborhood

JPMorgan Chase has been a key provider of capital and expertise throughout the redevelopment effort in Chicago’s Bronzeville community, investing more than $240 million in the area since 2003. The opening in 2014 of Shops and Lofts at 47 marked another pivotal phase in Bronzeville’s revitalization journey. Shops and Lofts is a commercial and mixed-income residential development, anchored by a Walmart Neighborhood Market that offers healthy, affordable food to local residents. JPMorgan Chase provided more than $45 million in comprehensive financing for the project.

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As anchor tenant in the Shops and Lofts at 47 development, Walmart is working with the 741 Collaborative — a partnership of local economic and workforce development nonprofits on the South Side of Chicago, launched with JPMorgan Chase support — to hire residents from the surrounding neighborhoods.

Revitalizing a community is not a lonely endeavor. The vision comes from the people who call the community home, but the public and private sectors must work together to identify and marshal the necessary resources — certainly much-needed capital from financial institutions but also their expertise and relationships. The combination brings immeasurable value to community development.”

Bernita Johnson-Gabriel,
  Executive Director, Quad Communities Development Corporation