Leading Voices

We are bringing attention to the Leading Voices who are committed to setting new standards for inclusivity in the workplace—because the only way to create a truly unbiased society is to speak up and take action.

Quote from Mary Erdoes, CEO, Asset & Wealth Management: Be an expert at one thing.
Quote from Thasunda Duckett, CEO, Chase Consumer Banking:Use your voice, raise your hand, and empower yourself.
Quote from Donna Vieira, Chief Marketing Officer at Chase Consumer Banking: You’re responsible for making sure people understand what you want to do—and where you want to go.
Quote from Gordon Smith, CEO, Consumer & Community Banking: You can’t drive change without discomfort. Step out of your comfort zone.
Quote from Melissa Goldman, Chief Information Officer, Corporate Technology: Don’t sweat the small stuff. A career is a long journey with bumps along the way.
Quote from Kelli Keough, Head of Digital for Global Wealth Management: If we wait for perfection we won’t move.
Quote from Marianne Lake, CFO, JPMorgan Chase: We can make a difference one woman at a time, one relationship at a time, one mentor at a time.
Quote from Laura Miller, Small Business Executive: Diversity is about creating an environment where a person can bring their whole self to work.
Quote from Karna Crawford, Head of Consumer Bank Marketing Strategy, Media and Digital Development: Be tenacious and take control of your career.

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