William C. Weldon

Director since 2005

William C. Weldon was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson, a global healthcare products company, from 2002 until his retirement as Chief Executive Officer in April 2012 and as Chairman in December 2012. He served as Vice Chairman from 2001 and Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals Group from 1998 until 2001.

Mr. Weldon has been a director of CVS Health Corporation since 2013 and of Exxon Mobil Corporation since 2013. He was a director of Johnson & Johnson from 2002 until December 2012, and was a director of The Chubb Corporation from April 2013 until its acquisition in January 2016.

Mr. Weldon is a member of various nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Weldon graduated from Quinnipiac University and is Chairman of the school’s Board of Trustees.

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